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From time to time you just want someone to send the information you way.  Every day we read dozens of helpful articles but every now and they you just want someone to put some of the best in one place… so we’ve done just that! Some provide advice… others ideas… and others are just plain interesting. Let us know which you found most useful.

“What Do You Do?” How to Answer the Toughest Question in All of Business

The Big Lawyer in the social networking party

Use Twitter to rank #1 in Google in 5 minutes

How to create a successful business blog in minutes

Landing pages are your secret conversion weapon

Social media spending continues to accellerate… will law firms keep up?

5 business development tips for these economic times

A dozen social media strategies for lawyers

Relevance to resonance to significance : Path to success in law firms use of social media

Ten tell-tale signs of an amateurish blog

Linkedin group versus Facebook group: which is better for lawyers

How to use web analytics to become a better marketer


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  1. Pavni Jaiswal 4th July 2018 at 10:56am

    All these articles are great, specially the third one.
    TapChief is a great platform for you to share this article and the readers at TapChief would learn from your insights.
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