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In March 2010, the Law Society Gazette reported on a YouGov poll of 2,266 people commissioned by online solicitor directory  It revealed that personal recommendation remains by far the most favoured method of choosing a solicitor but the Internet is hot on its heels…

Some 61% of those questioned said they would use recommendations from friends, relatives or colleagues to instruct a firm.

However, in 2nd place was the internet.  Here are the stats:

  • Some 21% of those polled said they would use internet search engines such as Google to find a lawyer. A fifth said they would use websites with independent consumer ratings of law firms’ quality of services.
  • Nearly 10% said they would use specialist web directories of solicitors.
  • 4% said they would ask their contacts on social networking sites such as Facebook for a recommendation.
  • 23% of men said they would use a search engine.
  • This was compared with 19% of women.

The other stats…

  • Just under 20% said they would turn to Citizens Advice Bureaux or other advice agencies to find a lawyer.
  • 16% said they would use the Yellow pages or another directory.
  • Only 3% of people said they would not use a solicitor to buy or sell property.
  • 65% of women said they would use a personal recommendation.
  • This was compared with 57% of men.

So, what might this mean for your firm’s marketing plan and budget?


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  1. EmmaP 10th February 2015 at 11:52am

    These stats wouldn’t surprise me at all. We certainly generate a great proportion of our new business online. It would be interesting to see updated stats for last year as the online figures must be larger by now?

  2. Helen Hammond 10th February 2015 at 11:55am

    I quite agree Emma. Good idea… we’ll look into it for you!