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New Leaf Law (@NewLeafLegal) scored a commendable 33/40 to take last week’s title.  We were really impressed with their friendly, conversational approach to Twitter – using it to demonstrate personality and to build relationships.  So, we thought we’d take a look at another US firm to see if they’re all like that… This week Philadelphia’s (and London’s… amongst other places) Duane Morris LLP (@DuaneMorrisLLP)  takes the plaudits.  With a formidable following of nearly 3,000 users, @DuaneMorrisLLP has recently broken through the 2,000 tweets barrier.

Level of interaction and engagement

There’s no mistake about it, the @DuaneMorrisLLP account is a fine example of legal tweeting.  However, one area in which they could improve is increasing interaction through @replies and @mentions.  Reaching-out to other users shows that your open and friendly – a great way to establish an actively engaged community.

On the other hand, their use of carefully selected retweets demonstrates to their followers that they’re relevant and up-to-date regarding news in their sector.  All to often tweeters fall into the trap of retweeting the same users over-and-over again because it’s quick and easy.  But @DuaneMorrisLLP’s wide base of retweets shows that they consider the needs of their audience above shortcuts.



Frequency of tweets

@DuaneMorrisLLP tweets original content daily (ish) in addition to sharing relevant articles and retweeting frequently.  It’s not unusual for them to tweet up to 5 or 6 times in a day, but they’re careful not to overload their followers’ feed with spammy tweets, which can lead to unfollows.

To bump their frequency of tweets score up to a 5, @DuaneMorrisLLP could post the occasional tweet on the weekend where the twittersphere is less cluttered by other legal tweeters’ posts.  Web tools such as HootSuite and Buffer can be used to schedule tweets so you don’t have to lose any of that quality R and R time on Saturday or Sunday!




A solid biography from @DuaneMorrisLLP, optimised well for search by using keyphrases such as ‘global law firm’, ‘attorneys’, ‘legal’ and ‘business’.  It could arguably be a little sharper – what does ‘innovative solutions’ actually mean anyway!

Joking aside, they use this small space well to demonstrate their global reach, size and personal approach to clients’ needs.



Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page 

@DuaneMorrisLLP really understands their Twitter page is a prime piece of digital real estate.  They’ve done the basics well – a correctly-sized profile photo, visually stunning page banner and a custom background.  Once more, everything is ‘on brand’, flowing well with the Duane Morris website and other social channels.

We’d like to see them integrating their contact information (telephone number, email address, etc) with their custom background as we think it could help them use some of their Twitter credibility to direct traffic to their less popular Facebook page, for example… but to be fair, with that many offices we can understand it might hard to work out what phone number to list! 




We can’t help but feel that @DuaneMorrisLLP nails this!  Mixed together nicely with tweets about awards and charity fundraising (they’re real people, not robots after all) you’ll find great original content from the Duane Morris newsfeed/blog, insightful guidance and reaction to recent news & events.




Whether we admit it or not, most of us are creatures of habit.  We pretty much have the same daily routine before work, perhaps checking our twitter feed during the mid-morning coffee break like clockwork…  maybe reading the Elephant Creative Tweeter of the Week every Friday afternoon without fail!

Regular tweets, topical content and visually consistent, you’ll be content knowing that in the fast-paced world of social media @DuaneMorrisLLP will remain a constant, trusted adviser.




All to often we see a great Twitter account on the verge of perfection but for it to be let down by a poor representation of visual content. Although their use of photos is by no means perfect, @DuaneMorrisLLP do it better than most legal tweeters.

With great snaps of the team from industry events, charitable endeavours and even an Olympic torch bearer, the account manager is doing a fine effort of showing the firm’s human-side.  We’d love to see more photos, but a valiant effort nonetheless!



Twitter experience 

A reliable presence in the legal twittersphere, @DuaneMorrisLLP somehow manages to do the ‘boring’ things well and present them in an altogether interesting way.  Wonderfully informative and terrifically consistent, we hold Duane Morris up as a beacon of best practise for law firms on Twitter.



Overall score 35.5/40


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