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Provision of all content (excluding ‘news’) for new corporate website, assistance with sign-off process/stakeholder management, content collation/linking and uploading to the CMS.


What did we do

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 15.34.11In the words we created for them DWF, a top 20-law firm, is where “legal expertise, industry knowledge and leading-edge technologies converge, helping your business go further”.  They carry on… “[They] started life as a four-office practice based in the North West.  Now in 13 locations across England, Scotland and Ireland, [they] have over 2,500 talented people working with [them].  [They] solve old problems with new thinking, combining the best legal knowledge, a wealth of industry expertise and being the type of people clients want to work with”.

Over the past few years DWF has gained a reputation for standing out from the crowd as well as thinking and doing differently.  When they decided to rebuild their website it was always going to be something special, ground-breaking and exciting.  And when they asked Helen and the Elephant Creative team to get involved, we all jumped at the chance.

The project took a number of stages:

  1. Establishing and agreeing a house style for all digital content – working from the results of a brand review (which was taking place at the same time) we created a clear guide for written content including word use and sentence structure.
  2. We then applied this to the various new website pages to create template written content for a variety of uses.
  3. Once we’d agreed the basic shape and ‘sound’ of everything it was time to get to work.  We produced the content for the whole site (with the exception of the news articles etc – more on them later).  This means everything from almost 600 (and counting) profiles through to service and sector pages as well as various pages about the firm, its approach, business functions and the things that make it stand out.  The thing we found most challenging was the tight word-count we’d been set (or rather, set ourselves).  We often had fewer than 30 words to play with in introductions and only 100 in the main body content – and packing decades of market-leading ‘proof’ into that is a real challenge, we can tell you!
  4. With such tight word counts many of these pages had to go through multiple levels of interviews, drafting, redrafting, redrafting again… more interviews and then approval before we’d got them exactly perfect.  Others sailed through like a dream.  But at the end we had a complete suite of pages that could be used for the new site and drawn on for business development content.
  5. The next stage of the process was to get this content into the CMS.  We were responsible not only for ensuring that the most recent version of each page was always in the CMS, during the testing phase, but we also uploaded, categorised and cross-linked news articles dating back years.  This meant reviewing all the content (both written by us and the firm’s back library) and making sure it was tagged and categorised in a way that people could not only find it but that it showed up on the right web pages.

The whole project took several months of continuous work and sleepless nights.  At times we were dreaming about website content.  The site went live to great feedback – have a look… we think you’ll be impressed.  It is a project we’re all terribly proud of and really sets the bar high for the future of law firm websites.

But it’s not over.  Since go live we’ve continued writing website profiles and new pages, as well as doing the odd redraft.  Quite rightly, the team at DWF considers the site a living, breathing thing with a need for ongoing content.  We’re looking forward to a continuing relationship and helping them to communicate through their website as innovatively and effectively as they do face-to-face with clients.


Kim Walowsky, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at DWF said

“Working with the Elephant Creative team was a brilliant experience. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is seeking assistance with the often overlooked task of creating new website content as part of their website project or post launch.

Helen and her team were professional, reliable and very importantly – commercially minded, with extensive legal sector knowledge.

We benefited from their virtual structure in that they were able to flex when the project grew and deadlines tightened.  Because of this we got the service we needed to keep on track, without the high fixed costs associated with a more traditional agency model.

The Elephant Creative team, and in particular Helen, were an invaluable asset to the delivery of our new website.  Helen simply took away the substantial workload involved in creating engaging website copy, which included interviewing a wide range of stakeholders, gaining sign off and negotiating a new tone of voice.  It has been one of the most efficient website deliveries I have ever been involved and Helen played a massive part in that.”


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