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The education sector really calls for a marketing and development expert that knows what they’re talking about… someone who understands that Early Years is different to Schools and Academies can mean different things to different people. In short, that’s what makes us so great at what we do. We’ve drawn the best people together to create a sector team that has real experience in this sector… that doesn’t just mean a few relevant client projects. That means genuinely understanding how things work, ways to communicate and the things that keep you awake at night (as well as the times of year you’ll be thinking about marketing).  It doesn’t matter whether you’re an education provider or a supplier, we can help with your marketing, social media and PR.

As always, our blog articles are tailored to help you with specific, relevant topics. Have a look at the things we’re talking about, for yourself…

Education Tweeter of the Week – Calderdale College #TOTW

As the largest provider of further education courses & work-based learning & the sole provider of higher education in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, this college is certainly vibrant, busy and social. But we want to know how social they are on…

Education Tweeter of the Week – Trafford College #TOTW

This week, we’re off up north to award another college our Tweeter of the Week (virtual) trophy. Trafford College… is one of the leading providers of education and training in Manchester, offering a range of Further Education courses to meets

Content Marketing — Getting your whole college involved.

There are times when the saying ‘too many cooks spoilt the broth’ really does fit; splitting the bill in a restaurant, filling in the pub quiz sheet, choosing toppings on a pizza…. However, according to research… 61% of the most

Creating a content plan for your school or college: How and why?

For schools and colleges, creating content and running a blog may seem like a big under-taking, but it’s a simple and cost-effective marketing tool – especially since more and more students and parents are making education choices based on web…

Social Media Jargon – What do Marketers really mean?

We recently came across this infographic… taking the mickey out of jargon in education research facilities. It made us chuckle and got us thinking about all the social media and marketing jargon we hear that makes us cringe. So grab

Education Tweeter of the Week – Sussex Downs College #TOTW

Sussex Downs College …is East Sussex’s biggest provider of further education, educating almost half of the whole county’s young people. That’s certainly an impressive feat, but are they as hot on social media as they are when it comes to

Elephant Creative is a certified B Corporation

We’re extremely excited and proud to let you know that Elephant Creative has just become a Certified B Corporation…, recognising our company as a responsible business making a difference to the wider environment.
What’s a B Corp, we hear

Education Tweeter of the Week – North Lindsey College #TOTW

We’ve been really impressed by our education tweeters lately – schools, colleges and university are really getting a handle on how to use social media effectively. That being said, with so many good tweeters out there it’s getting competitive, and…

Twitter tips for FE Colleges as told by our Tweeters of the Week

The long slog of the first school term has almost got a Christmas-shaped light at the end of the tunnel but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take a social media break. We’ve talked a lot about how social media…

Education Tweeter of the Week – Myerscough College

This week for our Tweeter of the Week, we’re off to the biggest provider of land-based and sports courses in the UK FE sector – it’s Myerscough College. But whilst they’re rather good in the great outdoors, how are they…