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Business Development

Marketing activity that isn’t grounded in business development is little more than hot air.  Why would you want to spend anything that you didn’t expect to translate into new students, better relationships or sales?  If you’re an education provider, this could include international expansion, working with local businesses to provide training, launching a new course or apprenticeship scheme or even hiring out your venue.  If you’re a supplier it’s a little simpler… we’re talking about sales opportunities and generation.

Our business development services are utterly logical and transactional.  Whatever your approach and ideas our education sector experts have a proven track record of success in this field.

Our business development services include:

  • Goal setting and planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Profitability analysis (where we profile your existing audiences and tell you which will be the best ‘type’ to target)

  • New business opportunity analysis and planning

  • Public sector tendering and pitching research, due diligence and preparation

  • Private sector tendering and pitching research, due diligence and preparation

  • Panel application preparation

  • Cultural analysis (to support you in tendering/pitching overseas)

  • Business development support (production of content to support tenders, pitching and BD)

  • Reviewing activity performance and setting in place measures/KPIs

  • Customer account review and implementation of programmes

  • Business development training and mentoring

  • Telesales and new business generation services, training and mentoring

  • Marketing and PR supporting all business development


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