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It might seem like rather a techy subject but you’d be amazed how many firms spend thousands on a sparkly new website and forget to set things up so people can find it… but it goes deeper than that.  It’s not just about random searches in Google.  Good SEO is strategic – linked to your overall marketing and business development plan and influencing all of the content that you produce.

Should you call your new service area Clinical Negligence or Medical Negligence?  Google can tell you what people actually search for.  Should you be promoting your education sector work online?  We can help to explain who is using the internet for what and the best ways to get to talk to those illusive Bursars.

Our SEO and PPC services include:

  • Goal setting and planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Online product development/launch support

  • Website development

  • Search engine optimisation planning and implementation

  • Pay per click advertising and other online advertising

  • Content planning

  • Reporting structures for marketing and business development activity

Fifteen ways to get on top of your chambers marketing this summer holiday #3

And so we come to the last of our tips for summer marketing jobs.  We’d be missing a trick if we didn’t consider the social and digital media tasks (and even social selling) that the summer holidays are just perfect for. Would you connect with you – We know you know that you’re meant to […]

Fifteen ways to get on top of your chambers marketing this summer holiday #2

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Fifteen ways to get on top of your chambers marketing this summer holiday #1

Everyone knows… marketing costs a lot of money and grinds to a halt over the summer, right?  No! We think it’s time you took a new look at how you spend the summer months.  Why does the cleaning have to happen in the Spring and the resolutions in January?  Why can’t we take advantage of […]

Legal Tweeter of the Week – White & Case LLP #TOTW

Established global law firm White & Case have been knocking around since 1901, and in that time they’ve managed to build up a network of 40 offices in 28 countries around the world. If that’s not impressive enough, they’ve been ranked as the #1 law firm in the world for M&A and international arbitration. It’s […]

The latest data on adult media use and attitudes, from Ofcom

Nowadays you don’t have to shake your stick very far to hit a survey talking about social and digital media use.  But one of the cornerstones of this data-obsessed industry is Ofcom’s Adult Media Use and Attitudes Report.  The report highlights the roles that media play in people’s daily lives.  Having run for 12 years, […]

Lawyer’d Profile: Elephant Creative director, Helen Hammond

We want to let you know about a new, up-and-coming legal magazine called Lawyer’d. Lawyer’d has been publishing articles for a while now online with quite the following, and they’ve got a great Instagram account. In their own words “We exist to bring you a compilation of law culture, lifestyle and perspective on a quarterly […]

Legal Tweeter of the Week – RPC Law #TOTW

RPC is a global, award-winning law firm with offices in London, Bristol, Hong Kong and Singapore. What could be more global than social media? We took a look at RPC’s Twitter account to find out what they’ve been tweeting about…

Legal Tweeter of the Week – Gateley Plc #TOTW

Our most recent Legal Tweeter of the Week, Gateley PLC, is a national firm that says it makes ‘the simple complex’ and provides clear and proactive legal advice. But are they being clear and proactive on social media? Let’s find out…

Five things law firms can use social media for…

Pretty much across all industries and sectors, social media for marketing purposes seems to be misconstrued. Many still see social networks as ‘shout about stuff’ platforms, simply for sharing snippets of information. Law firms have been adapting radically and rapidly to market themselves on social media, but most use platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin […]

Legal Wrap : April Edition

Welcome back to our monthly Legal Wrap. Here you can find the latest news in the legal industry alongside up-to-date marketing advice and our favourite free marketing tool of the month. In the legal sector over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about probate fees, the ongoing case of Uber and the gig economy […]