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Whilst we all agree that developing existing clients is the way forward it can often be hard to identify opportunities. Getting the balance right to ensure that you talk about business development rather than hard selling can tie even the most business-savvy firm up in knots. The reality is that, understandably, we are so worried about annoying existing clients that more often than not we neglect the full scope of their legal needs.

Linked here is a list of cross selling opportunities that you might want to consider circulating around your firm. It isn’t exhaustive but it is an easy to read list of suggested occasions when you can proactively introduce clients to other legal services. Importantly it’s not only relevant for commercial clients but private clients too. You might want to add to it to suit your own firm.

To help you apply this, here is our top ten list of ways to encourage cross selling at your firm.

  1. PLANNING – Create an opportunity chart (testing clients against service areas across the firm) to identify opportunities each week/month/quarter.
  2. KNOWLEDGE – Get to know your clients better so that you can identify opportunities and share this information with colleagues.
  3. CONNECT – Increase the number of connections to each client by introducing more members of your team.
  4. REMIND – Don’t forget to remind clients that you are there and can help both them and their contacts in the future.
  5. COMMUNICATE – Help other departments to identify opportunities by creating a short overview (under 1 page) about what your team does and send it round internally.
  6. COMMUNICATE – Invite speakers from other departments to attend your team/office meetings and ask to attend others. Have regular chats with other team members to find out more about their work and identify opportunities.
  7. FEEDBACK – Remember to keep the internal referrer up to date on how the matter is going. Keep them involved.
  8. INTRODUCE – Invite someone from another department when you meet clients for reviews.
  9. REPORT – Track cross selling that you are doing and that you receive so that we can promote it.
  10. PROMOTE – Add value when you email. Think about opportunities and whether you can send on articles or make introductions as part of your PS.