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Thank you for following our 5 steps to Linkedin success. So, how has your last week on Linkedin gone? Have you got your profile sorted out now? If you haven’t, click here to read Step 1: Getting started & your profile. Do share your experiences as a comment, below.

One step down… 4 to go.

Step 2: Linking with people… We’re on to the real point to Linkedin… why have a great profile if no one gets to see it? How can you get to talk to the right people? How should you approach them? How can you turn it from just a group of your friends to actual business prospects? Rules for connecting and ways to raise your profile. This is where the hard work comes in…

Click here to read Step 2: Linking with people.

PS. Don’t you think it’s a bit silly that they call it “connect with people” on Linkedin… when the clue is in the title… why not call it Link?

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