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Over the last three steps (getting started & your profile; linking with people; and searching) I have often mentioned groups and made reference to the wealth of opportunity held within them.  In many ways that was a bit unfair, given that I hadn’t given you a proper introduction.

This, fourth, step delves into Linkedin groups.  It explains their basic functionality and gives some tips for ways to make them work for you.  By that I mean moving things along from simply joining the party to turning it into new business.

To download Step 4: Groups click here.

NB:  Before you take this step you might want to recap on the previous steps.  The five steps to Linkedin success break down the “getting started” process and help you to achieve success with Linkedin.

The five steps are:

1. Getting started & your profile

2. Linking with people

3. Searching

4. Groups

5. Recruitment and Jobs