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The past four steps have taken you on a tour of Linkedin and, hopefully, given you some inspiration for getting started.  In the final step, we’re going to look at a specific function of Linkedin that is likely to be useful for all of us at some point… using Linkedin to find a job and also to find the right person for a job.

Kay Luo, Director of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn, explains why this area is so important, “The main reason that companies are using LinkedIn is to find passive job candidates – ie. to headhunt and find the best candidates.” In and of itself, not the most inspiring quote that you are likely to read today… but it is important.  The vast majority of Linkedin users focus on the new business networking side of Linkedin and forget that there are a host of opportunities for career development (and just plain job seeking) also.  If you are thinking of moving job, or recruiting, this is the step for you.  This step has been divided into two parts: finding a job; and recruitment.  That said, it might be helpful to read both sections to get the inside track on what the other side will be doing!

NB:  Before you take this step you might want to recap on the previous steps.  The five steps to Linkedin success break down the “getting started” process and help you to achieve success with Linkedin.

The five steps are:

1. Getting started & your profile

2. Linking with people

3. Searching

4. Groups

5. Recruitment & Jobs

To read a Step 5 – Recruitment & Jobs click here.