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How should you get started?

The most important thing is that you don’t read all of this series, agree and then decide to think some more about it. Strike now and get going!

Five things you can do this week to get started on social networking:

1. Set up a Twitter account. Think about how people will search for you and fill in all the details. Add in a photo. Start tweeting (even if it’s only one tweet per week it’s a start). Find 5 people to follow that say things you’re interested in.
2. Set up your LinkedIn profile. Fill it in properly. Add in a photo. Link it to your Twitter profile so that your tweets automatically fill in your status on LinkedIn etc.
3. Once again, in LinkedIn, upload your contacts from Outlook or another email client and connect with those that are on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to write a more personal connection request message (don’t EVER leave it to just the
standard one).
4. Find 3 groups to join in LinkedIn. Join them and spend some time looking at how people use them. Comment (if you feel brave enough) on anything you feel you have some value to add on. If you don’t feel brave enough just yet,
just observe and learn.
5. Using the various tools in LinkedIn, identify 3 new connections that you don’t already know (but would like to) and work out how you’re going to connect.

Get on and give it a go!

And after you’ve started…

Well, once you’ve started it all comes down to setting your own path. It is important to take some time to establish how your social networking will fit within your marketing plan. Consider planning out a campaign, using social networking (perhaps in combination with other methods), and then measuring its effectiveness. The beauty of social networking is that it really is measurable… in that sense it’s a marketing person’s dream.

Useful resources – of course…
… and of course… you can always type ‘social networking’ into Twitter and see what comes up!