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Sometimes, I find, it’s best to let my clients speak for themselves in explaining why things are important… To that end I have pasted below an email conversation that clearly highlights the impact that data, and how it’s used, can have on your professional and brand reputation.

NB: I have changed the names, to protect them from further embarrassment… but you know who you are…


The original email:

Sent: 13 May 2011 08:30
To: James Smith
Subject: Re: Business Data 2-for-1 Special Offer

Dear James,

My name is Bob Slow and I am a marketing partner for Not Very Clever Business Data, a leading provider of quality business data and database systems. The purpose of this email is to inform you of a special 2-for-1 offer that we are running in the month of May.

This offer is for our Regional Business Databases which are currently enabling our customers to reduce their direct marketing costs, execute on their sales campaigns quicker and to increase their sales capacity.

James, if this is something that you feel might benefit you and your business please let me know or please visit

I would like to thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



The reply:

Dear Bob,

I have found that an increasing number of marketing companies are targeting me to sell me lists of names, email addresses etc.

I have little faith in such offers as it should be apparent on the simplest enquiry (or examination of our website when my email address has doubtless been automatically “harvested”) that I am not at all the right person within the firm to make decisions on such matters.  So, if the data you have for sale is as good as the data you use for your own marketing, I would question its value. Sending multiple emails to the wrong person is likely to cause serious brand damage.

Please remove me from your database and if you, in turn, have purchased a list containing my name as the person to contact at Very Nice Solicitors LLP with marketing sales enquiries, I am sorry to say that you have been sold a pup.

Kind regards

James Smith

Senior Associate – Disputes

Very Nice Solicitors LLP

The moral of the story…

Ignore the importance of data and accuracy, at your peril.