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My regular newsletter pulls together some of my favourite tweets over a few weeks. If you want to learn about ways that you can use social media for professional services, these articles might inspire you! They’re aren’t just nice glossy ideas of what other firms are doing… these are practical resources that should give you a few ideas and help you to actually make things happen. If you’d like to subscribe to receive my newsletter, please click here and then on the ‘subscribe to my newsletter’ button on the right. Also, if you’ve any suggestions for great articles that people should read… post a comment!

  1. Social Media is Something You Are, Not Do. From Julian Summerhayes. Thinking beyond the basics, Summerhayes looks at the importance of being social and not just broadcasting a message.
  2. Social media valuable adjunct to traditional media for lawyers and law firms. From Kevin O’Keefe. A big claim that, without an effective presence in social media, lawyers and law firms don’t exist in the media’s mind.
  3. Clever little hackers… just not speaking my language. From Elephant Creative. Some thoughts about copywriting and its significance when trying to speak the language of target customers and clients.
  4. 10 Tools for More Efficient Tweeting. From Freelance Switch. Apps that can help make tweeting more efficient and effective. Buffer looks particularly good, scheduling your tweets to post throughout the day to avoid bombarding followers.
  5. Pitch Perfect. From Mike Jones at Intrinsic Value, guest blogpost on Elephant Creative. Mike offers some simple steps for busy lawyers who want to write effective pitches and proposals.
  6. UK Law Firms with Klout – A Clearer Picture. From The Times Blawg. A look at how the The Lawyer’s top ten list is flawed, what Klout scores are all about and whether they are a fair representation of a firm’s social media influence.
  7. An expanding blogosphere – new danger or new opportunity for lawyers. From James Taylor at Wards Solicitors, guest blogpost on Elephant Creative. James’ post considers the risks that lawyers may face when getting involved in social media and content marketing.
  8. How to Easily Create Remarkable Content with Marketing Personas. From HubSpot. I’m a big believer in the value of personas and this article offers tips to banish boring, lonely content and create a clear and consistent persona.
  9. How Lawyers Can Use Twitter to Get Speaking Gigs. From Larry Bodine. Ideas for lawyers who want to build their reputation as an expert through Twitter and use it to get speaking gigs.
  10. Google Plus for Lawyers: First Impressions. From Kevin O’Keefe. A first look at how the new social media network from Google can be used to make lawyers stand out from the rest.

These articles are sourced from around the internet and are written by people I consider to be experts… with a couple that I’ve written, added as well. I believe that all of these sources are reputable and have something to say that is worth reading, but I take no responsibility for the advice contained in them or any action you may take as a result of that advice.