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In my line of work, I get loads of spam from design agencies trying to tell me that they are the ONLY people in the local area that ‘get’ the professional services/SME/social enterprise [delete as appropriate] market… and that having this specialist sector knowhow somehow makes them better than all the other design agencies in the area.

The other week, though, I got a very clever email from these guys  It was talking about how you can get a lot more out of your customers by knowing a bit about them… and asked me if I wanted to know more… well of course!  A message only a fool could ignore… When I ‘arrived’ I was presented with a quiz… All they wanted to know was three things… all relating to me… did I have milk with my tea, did I have sugar and what biscuits did I like.  Ever the sucker for filling in a quiz (especially one so simply designed), I fell for it.  At the end, up popped my personalized PDF, telling me all about them and their approach, with stuff totally relevant to me dropped in.  Impressed, I forwarded it a load of clients saying how cool I thought it was.

A few days later, what do you know?!  A tea bag, chocolate biscuits and two sugars (no milk, alas) turned up chez Elephant Creative.  In it, some more personalized information.  The perfect follow up.  It made the point that they were totally local to me… just down the road again… and then the call to action – let’s meet up for a cuppa.

This was followed up a few days later by a personal approach from their BD Manager, Kelly [actually, to be totally fair, several approaches… having stalked me down on both email, phone and twitter]

So, why am I telling you all this?  Both because of the things that were so great, and the things I’m yet hoping to find out.  The campaign itself was a raving success.  Not only did it really nail the totally local element but it made me realize that they’d done their homework.  Most importantly it showcased a full suite of what they do – emails, web pages, quizzes, personalized pdfs, print materials.

Have I met with them?  Not yet.  I’m not denying that I’m interested and it takes a fair amount to make a design agency jump out…  but what’s missing?  Well, in all of this ‘what we know about you’, I still haven’t seen the deal clincher… the ‘what we can do for your clients’.  So, they know I like tea…  but do they know the challenges my clients face?  Do they really ‘get’ what I’m about?  They haven’t told me who they work for that falls into my target markets and they haven’t told me some examples (real examples) of their work that will give them the kite mark of approval.  I know they’ve got the key clients to tempt me… but I just want to see a bit more of it before we meet.  That said… I’m hopeful…