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We’re regularly asked about setting up Facebook pages… increasingly, they’re an important part of what organizations consider to be effective marketing.  However, it can be hard to work out what equals great use of the platform and how to take advantage of the opportunities to ensure that you achieve your goals (yes, that’s right… you have to set some for Facebook too…).

To help you see, at a glance, what it has to offer, we’ve compiled some of the best, recent, blog posts we’ve read.  If you have any to add, please let us know by commenting on this post.

If you’d like help with setting this up for your organization, please get in touch on or via @helenhammond.

  1. The anatomy of an effective Facebook Business Page – understanding the options Facebook offers and they things you can (and should do).
  2. 25 Facebook page ideas you haven’t tried yet – there might be some you have but this works as a great checklist.
  3. 80% of social media users prefer Facebook for connecting with brands – some helpful stats and information, if you’re trying to convince your managers.
  4. All the details on Facebooks latest updates – what’s been going on this quarter?
  5. 5 best practice, Facebook e-commerce stories – as if you needed inspiration!
  6. 8 creative ways to customize your Facebook page – a super checklist for creativity.
  7. Creating custom tabs for Facebook – if you want to get a bit more complicated you could try this out.
  8. MyFacebookCovers – a super little site with loads of cover ideas. Or try Pagemodo for free Facebook pages.
  9. 58% of Facebook users expect exclusive content from business pages – some more stats, particularly useful if you’re in a content-heavy organization.
  10. 15 of the best Facebook pages you’ve ever seen – yet more inspiration!

… and if all that fails… you can download this, excellent, free ebook from Hubspot here (not that there aren’t good resources available on sites other than Hubspot, it’s just that they do it so well…)