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Claire is a former senior news reporter who traded her role in the news room to work freelance. In plain English that means she helps businesses to get publicity in the local and national media.  Having read thousands of sub-standard press releases during her time as a reporter she was inspired to offer her own no-nonsense service, using her contacts in the media and her knowledge of the industry.  But it doesn’t just stop at press releases.  Claire’s expertise spreads across the media with email marketing, blogging and online copywriting a real speciality.

Claire has worked on marketing and PR projects with Woodhouse Sixth-Form College, Future Cert, Playforce, Tanfield Chambers local councils, award-winning catering company Berry Blue, the Nibley Music Festival and a range of restaurants and businesses across the South West.

She has a two-year-old daughter, and in whatever little (very little) spare time she has, Claire can be found in her vegetable garden or greenhouse.