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We spend a lot of time reading about new campaigns, techniques and ideas… many of which are sent out through Twitter.  From time to time, though, it’s good to sit back and read a few of them in more detail.  Here are three of the articles we’ve been reading recently… and dare I say it… using for inspiration!

As ever, we’d love to hear your views and suggestions for others to read.

  1. 11 of the best customer service stories – there is a real difference between good customer service and really great customer service.  This article includes some wonderful examples, particularly picking up ways to use different types of media to communicate personality, brand and a human quality.
  2. How to identify Long-tail keywords to fuel your PPC – As you’ll have seen from our previous blog post, we’ve been thinking about PPC and SEO a great deal recently. Understanding your customers and how they think is part of the battle. This article gives some great insight and ideas.
  3. Has your blog run dry? Try this… – OK… pots and kettles, I know… but it’s really tough. We all know that content is king… but it’s hard to prioritise, particularly when inspiration has dried up. Some great tips in here.