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One of the things that makes Elephant Creative so special is the unique team.  Although we might have a quirky set-up, being a virtual agency, that doesn’t make us any less of a family… and that means we celebrate special occasions like birthdays. Elephant Creative cornerstone, Becky, joined the team a year ago and we wouldn’t be without her now. Here she writes about her first year as a freelance copywriter and Marketing Assistant.

My mum says she always thought I might be a writer. Whenever my job comes up in conversation, she always tells everyone about the start of my writing career – a story I wrote when I was 10 called ‘Bonfire Night’. I was so absorbed and meticulous with my detail and descriptions that by page six the family had only just put on their coats and got into the car…

It’s a year since I joined Elephant Creative, and just over a year since I became a copywriter, but a lot has happened. Starting out as an eager Marketing Assistant I scoured through mailing lists and researched organ-friendly cathedrals across America, learning a range of writing and social media tips and tricks along the way. I already had a few copywriting clients up my sleeve but after my first writing job for Elephant Creative it all went up to the next level. Odd writing jobs turned into weekly blogs, social media management, newsletters, press releases, the list goes on.  In fact the list got so long I needed somewhere to showcase it and I developed my own brand and website ‘Rebecca Writes’.

I can now say that my writing has become a fully-fledged grown up job (even though sometimes I do it in my pyjamas) and with Elephant Creative I’ve had the encouragement to try new things that, alone, I might not have the confidence or contacts to do. One year on, I’ve just started renting an office space. Working from home certainly has its advantages but there is only so much time you can spend in one building and I’m sure the first sign of madness is singing to your cat. Now I have my own personalised office mug, a meeting room and a tea round. I feel like I’ve come a long way in the past year and, with some help from Helen and the team, I’m certain the next year has plenty more in store.