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For a number of years, now, we have sponsored an orphaned African elephant and last year we added Sities to the Elephant Creative team.  Sites lives at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, where the trust focuses on protecting African elephants and Black Rhinos.

The Tsavo Conservation Area is the main stronghold for wildlife in Kenya, and especially for Kenya’s elephant population. Although predominantly used for livestock the ranches are situated on ancient elephant migratory routes.  The area now harbours 10,000 – 12,000 northern and southern Kenyan elephants; Kenya’s single largest population of elephants.

Sities was born on 11th January 2010, and she arrived at Mugeno Ranch when she was only seven weeks old, stumbling across the reserve seeking company. Her mother had previously been killed by poachers. Sities was then relocated in March 2010 to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where she is now being cared for and raised.  

All of the elephants at the trust are reared from infancy and most grow into fully independent adult elephants.

Sities is now two-years-old, and she is becoming stronger and more independent every day. She is a very friendly and affectionate elephant, and lately (in true Elephant Creative style) she has even become rather cheeky… She loves to leave the mud wallow and run towards the visiting guests to see who she can cover in mud, as well as running around and playfully pushing and shoving the other elephants. Lately, Sities chased off a resident herd of impalas, who were in the vicinity to keep out of range from the lions. She loves to charge at the warthog piglets, and she usually trumpets and bush-bashes on her return journey, showing how proud she is of herself! She’ll even pinch her other friends’ leftover leaves at feeding time!

Most recently, Sities has taken a new, young nursery baby under her trunk.  Kithaka is a little boy, baby elephant and Sities has become very affectionate, looking after him.

We’ll keep you posted about Sities and her friends as the year goes on. For more information on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, click here.