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A strange text arrived at Elephant Towers on Saturday… it came from a mobile… on a ship… somewhere off the coast of Manhattan.  As many of you may know, Helen’s husband spends his time as a professional organist, working all over the world.  In short, if there’s an organ (that is working in most parts) in a not too bad venue, he’ll have a crack!

One of the labels Anthony works with is JAV, over in the USA.  It happens to be run by a good friend… who happened to go off on holiday and run out of time to handle the social media side.  Those of you that know Joe will not find this surprising.  Never before has the world seen a man pack so much into so little time.  As well as working full time as a company Director, he also runs one of the leading organ and choral music record labels in the world and is fundraising for a rebuild of the organ at his childhood church.  Phew… tired even typing it.

So, we waved Joe off for a week of R & R and agreed to keep an eye on his JAV Facebook page and the page for Restore Kilgen Opus 5163 at Our Lady of Refuge Church (natty title there, Joe).

And that’s where you come in.  We don’t want to simply ‘keep an eye on things’… oh no.  We always like to do one better and being left with the keys to the family car makes us want to try something exciting.

First, we’d like to drive up the number of ‘likes’ – particularly those on the fundraising page… So get to it!

Second, we’d like to commend a fundraising CD that the label has launched to you.  Stephen Tharp (one of the world’s leading virtuoso organists – and maker of eye-wateringly strong gin & tonics) played a benefit concert at Grace Church and JAV have released a double CD of this concert.  All proceeds go towards the OLR organ rebuild. You can buy this CD and show your support here.

But if organ CDs aren’t quite your thing… just click on ‘like’ when you get to the FB pages.  There are loads of ways to support this excellent cause (you can sponsor a pipe too…)

And watch this space as to whether our week in charge makes a difference!