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Yesterday the Said Business School, in the heart of Oxford, opened its doors to Venturefest 2012… and Elephant Creative was proud to be a part of it!

This year considered the theme ‘Building a Better Economy’ with entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and students travelling from all over the country to make contacts, discover great ideas and maybe even find their next big thing.

Elephant Creative was there for two different reasons… Helen Hammond and Hilary Williams were on the ‘Expert Panel’, providing 20-minute bursts of marketing guru-ness, to all sorts of businesses, throughout the day. Becky Hunt, was roving reporter on behalf of the event and was responsible for live blogging and tweeting throughout the day.

Helen said: “Agreeing to a pretty intense day like this when you only landed from a long-haul flight a few hours before might seem like madness but it wasn’t a hard decision at all. It’s not to be missed! It’s not just a case of being there to help advise and put people on the the right (marketing) track… for us it’s all about being fired up and inspired by the wonderful creativity out there. So many great and varied ideas. It’s new business and innovation like this that makes it worth getting out of bed (assuming you’ve made it there at all).”

Hilary said: “You never know what you’re going to get when you sign up for events like this but we weren’t disappointed at Venturefest. So many totally different businesses, each with unique ambitions and questions. It’s great to feel you can be a part of helping them all to move their ideas into being a reality.”

Rebecca wasn’t available for comment because she was running backwards and forwards doing her reporting and couldn’t stop.

To see what you missed, you can view the Live Stream of presentations or follow the hashtag on Twitter #vf2012.