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Little over a week ago LinkedIn announced that it would no longer be partnering with Twitter to allow tweets to automatically post to LinkedIn profiles.  This ends a long relationship between the two platforms.

Whilst LinkedIn users can still tick the box to share their LinkedIn post on Twitter, the reverse is no longer possible.

The intention is that this will separate out the purpose of each of the two platforms.  Long frustrated by chains of Twitter conversations showing up on LinkedIn news feeds, this is widely supported by the social media population.

So, what’s some who relied on this feature to do?

You are really left with three options:

  1. Switch things around.  Rather than tweeting and relying on that posting to LinkedIn as well, do it the other way around.  Log in to LinkedIn and use that as your starting point by ticking the box to post to Twitter as well.
  2. Involve a third party.  Many of you will use a third party social media platform like Hootsuite for your tweeting.  You can add your LinkedIn profile to this and tick to post the message to both LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time.
  3. Have a rethink.  You could, however, take this as an opportunity to have a rethink.  Do you want the same message going to both?  Perhaps now is the time to leave Twitter to do one job and use LinkedIn for developing more personal, business-focused relationships through your communications?

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