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You don’t get far in business without coming across a few irritating phrases… KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is one of them… (SMART is another that irritates me… don’t know why but we’re all allowed a little irrational irritation sometimes).

That said, the chap who came up with KISS had a point.  How many of us spend hours in meetings without really knowing why we’re there?  Or do pages of market research, only to question what we’re going to do next.  Elephant Creative was established for this precise reason… a frustration at marketing being overly complicated by consultants dressing common sense up in smoke, mirrors and complex theory.

I have just finished reading Insanely Simple: The obsession that drives Apple’s success. In it Ken Segall talks about how the Apple brand came to be what it is today and the influence Steve Jobs’ ‘simple stick’ had on this.  Throughout, I kept thinking of the many over-complicated processes I had been involved with that could have benefited from this approach… in essence… keep everything very, very simple. 

You can read an interview with Ken Segall here but I really commend this book to you.  Read it and then ask yourself, ‘what three things can I do to simplify my working life’.

Here at Elephant Creative the three we’ve come up with are:

  1. Bring in more people that know about how to organize a growing business, so people can get on with doing what they’re good at
  2. Streamline the services we’re offering
  3. Don’t have anyone in a meeting (or on a call) that doesn’t need to be there

This article was written by Helen Hammond.