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As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Social Enterprise UK (a membership body for social enterprises) is encouraging us all to #buysocial on Thursday 15 November. Social enterprises, for those that do not know are businesses that aim to tackle social problems and improve communities. The key difference from other businesses is that they reinvest their profit back into their work or for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Those that start and work in social enterprises are often some of the most entrepreneurial people you’ll ever meet. One of my favorite social enterprises is Who Made My Pants? They offer training and jobs to women from challenging background, mainly refugees, to make knickers from the materials that big lingerie brands typically discard at the end of a season. Ethical and environmentally sound knickers helping women gain skills and confidence in addition to paid work, what’s not to love!

There are estimated to be over 100,000 social enterprises in the UK. Many of them provide products that you are probably buying from a for-profit business, this Global Entrepreneurship Week could you make a small difference and switch to a social enterprise supplier?

To find a social enterprise supplier see the links below: (mobile app) (Northern Ireland) (Yorkshire & The Humber) (West Midlands)


Written by Abby Wright-Parkes, Elephant Creative Associate