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Yesterday, a cold and frosty morning in Bristol, was our very first Elephant Day. Being a virtual agency doesn’t make Elephant Creative any less of a family so it gave the herd the opportunity to get together to meet, chat, advise and eat cake. We met at The Elephant, of course, and put names to faces, some of us for the first time. Helen gave us summary of Elephant Creative’s achievements over the last year and we spoke about what it means to be an associate and how we can ensure we’re talking in Plain English.

Simon Quance, of Nurture Social Media, was the first to take to the presentation stage, sharing his views on the state of social media over the next year and into the future. He taught us about social media lead generation, which networks are on the rise and fall and considered how it should become a normal part of marketing strategy, not something that needs an expert. Simon also told us about his latest project, 3 Point Social Media.

All that marketing talk made us hungry but after lunch, Marketing Manager Donna Hewitt and Freelance Copywriter Becky Hunt shared their experience of working with one of Elephant Creative’s biggest clients. It was a great way to let other people in the company know about the projects we work on so that we can bounce around new ideas and find out how the other elephants can get involved.

Our final talk came from Digital Marketing Consultant Matt Peskett, who explained ‘Why Google got ridiculous’. He showed us how SEO has changed over the last few years and how companies need to keep up with it. We learnt how SEO services will need to be sold in the future because easy, no questions SEO is dead.


There was one more final round of cake before finishing the session discussing the future of Elephant Creative. We’ve got an exciting 2013 ahead and we can’t wait to get started and sink our teeth into the opportunities on the horizon.

A big thanks to everyone who made it. We’re already looking forward to the next one!