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Another week has come and gone and so the latest ‘Tweeter of the Week’ must step forward. Adams Law London (@Adams_Law) put in a stellar 7 days of tweeting informative posts and festive photos to clinch the award last week. They continue to impress but the title that recognises the best professional tweeters must change hands.

So who’s taken the title this week? Well the past 7 days has unveiled a raft of great professional tweeters all equally as eligible.

The competition was tremendously tight and in order to pick a winner we referred throughout the process to usual criteria: level of interaction, frequency of tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, informativeness, consistency, photos and overall Twitter experience.

And so onto the announcement of the winner of the Elephant Creative Award that pays tribute to the week’s most potent and compelling professional tweeters and showcases just how the best tweeters do it. The Elephant Creative team are delighted to unveil GT Law Solicitors (@GTLawsolicitors) as the latest winner of the ‘Tweeter of the Week’.

GT Law Solicitors is an exciting team of lawyers who offer a range of high street legal services across the nation. GT Law are unquestionably the most visually impressive firm that we have come across on Twitter. Our first impressions were that these guys really know their social media.

The branding, look, feel and appearance that they project is totally non-conformist to the ways of the traditional law firm. They have presented themselves more like a creative industry business or an exciting bank and broken away from that clichéd nondescript personal injury law practice – a suggestion we actually threw out there a few weeks back.

But by setting themselves apart GT Law really draws the browser in. Then having done so the browser is free to feast upon the visual delights and their raft of informative tweets. Their page is that different from mainstream law firm that you really want to know more. You find yourself asking yourself who these lawyers are that exude such life and energy?! Job done, we say, GT Law!

So enough of that for now, for those wanting to know why exactly they’re so special here’s a breakdown of how exactly GT Law Solicitors scored:

Level of interaction and engagement – Like we just said we were incredibly impressed by the Twitter visuals that GT Law had to offer. But we’ve been here before and we’ve seen guys that look good but don’t necessarily tweet well. Not GT Law. These guys blend an aesthetically enticing look with an open and engaging manner.



Frequency of Tweets – GT Law have struck a nice balance with Twitter, posting not too often and not too little, but somewhere in the middle – just right.



Biography – The GT Law Twitter bio is snappy and read very nicely which complements the rest of the page really well. Perhaps a little heavy on the hash tags though.



Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page – This is where GT Law streaked ahead from the competition and really set the standard for other law and professional services firms to follow and push forward.



Informativeness – This is another great strength of GT Law as they post fresh and informative content that makes you want to follow them. It’s also content that shows that these guys are up to date, know their stuff and have a degree of specialism.

An example of a great tweet was one they posted about a recent change to road traffic legislation… and you don’t hear that said very often!



Consistency – GT Law are great tweeters and regularly maintain their feed and don’t allow for any periods of prolonged silence.



Photos – This was yet another stand-out, strong point for GT Law. They post photos on a fairly regular basis and so their photo stream is a great asset on their page which complements and reinforces the strong aesthetics elsewhere on the feed.



Twitter experience – Law firms don’t normally get the Twitter experience, in terms of what it’s all about for the user, but these guys have cracked it. They provide the sort of Twitter experience that would rival any techy start up.



Overall GT Law Twitter Score – 38/40

Well there you go the latest winner of the latest Elephant Creative ‘Tweeter of the Week’ and the highest score recorded in the competition so far! These guys show day in day out exactly how it should be done and how relatively easy it can be. So for those law and professional services firms looking to get into Twitter or to improve their performance these guys are the ones to follow.

By showcasing the best tweeters such as GT Law we at Elephant Creative really hope that others can begin to understand the science of Twitter and that maybe one day they too can go on to win an award for doing so.