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You know, for a bunch of people that spent A LOT of time telling us that Twitter wasn’t suitable for lawyers, there are some really rather great people out there, tweeting away now.  Who’d have thought it?!

Here at Elephant Creative Towers we’re all in favour of saying “well done” to those that show everyone how it’s done… and so we launched our Tweeter of the Week award, back in 2012.  Since then, every Friday, we’ve built up quite a following, with firms shouting their addition to the hallowed rankings, from their ramparts.

Of course, it’s all just down to our opinion but (until some clever academic fellow comes up with a mathematical way of doing it) we’ve set out some categories, against which we mark firms out of five:

  1. Level of interaction and engagement – How much they talk to people as opposed to just pushing things out.
  2. Frequency of tweets – The volume of tweets and things being said.
  3. Biography – How good is the little blurb at the top?
  4. Aesthetics and qualities of Twitter page – How pretty is it? How close to their brand? Does it help to meet their objectives?
  5. Informativeness – How useful is what they’re saying?
  6. Consistency – Is it regular and often or a bit flash in the pan?
  7. Photos – Are they using the photos section and, if so, how, why and to what end?
  8. Twitter experience – The overall experience – does it work?

We then tot everything up to a score out of 40.  Watch this space for our full ranking, behind published soon.

Featured firms get a downloadable certificate and a special icon that they can share on Twitter and their websites.


So, that’s it… the best of those firms out there Tweeting, according to Elephant Creative… have we missed anyone you think we should be featuring?  If so, let us know!