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Across the pond in sunny Las Vegas, the top US legal marketers are coming together for the annual Legal Marketing Association conference.  It’s a three-day event for legal marketing, client relationship management and business development that attracts over 1,000 visitors a year and is dedicated, like the LMA, to providing members with vital and timely information in the world of legal marketing issues.

For those, like us, that aren’t able to join them for some legal marketing advice in the sun, they have set-up some fantastic Twitter feeds to follow, giving us an opportunity to find out what’s trending on the other side of the Atlantic.  The main Twitter feed is highlighting top tips from the event and advising visitors how to hashtag their tweets depending on what conferences and workshops they are attending.  Their Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts are all synced up to encourage attendees to share their pictures, quotes and favourite speakers.

It’s still early days at the conference (day one only finished 10 hours ago) but here’s our summary of what’s being talked about so far….


#LMAContent : Content Marketing Workshop
The Content Marketing Workshop was led by Arnie Keunn, CEO of Vertical Measures.

“Content marketing is all about creating engaging content”

“It’s real simple: create good content and optimize it”

“What are the questions your clients are asking?  Write blog posts about that.”

“Benefits of a blog? 434% more indexed pages, 2x as many back links, 55% more traffic, 79% more Twitter followers”


#LMACI : Competitive Intelligence Workshop
The Competitive Intelligence Workshop was led by Mark Gediman, Director of Information Services at Best Best & Krieger LLP

“The skills & info needed for CI are already in your firm.”

“Collaboration can save on staff costs and utilize resources you already have.”


#LMASMORS : A Recipe for SMORs
Led by Gail LaMarche, Marketing Director at Henderson Franklin.

“When you do a new brand, all employees should be involved – it’s the culture of the firm, not just the lawyers.”

“If your time can be spent doing something more beneficial or if something is not your strength, better to outsource.”

Allen Matkins firm site is a great example of video for law firms.”


#LMAQuick: QuickStart
Led by Jim Durham, Author of ‘The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering’ and Paul Burton, among others.

“To advance as a legal marketer, show competence, caring and candor. Excellence in all you do, with communication, will engender confidence.”

“Cool it on the buzzwords. Marketers don’t have to write like lawyers. Quite exaggerating with descriptive words.”

“At the end of every day, do one little thing. Phone, email etc.”

“Business development planning isn’t about a perfect destination, it’s about moving forward. All you need is the what, the how and some fuel.”


Our favourite quote from the day?

In the Content Marketing Workshop…. “Google+ is like eating your vegetables. You might not like it but you just have to do it.”