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Another busy day at the LMA Conference in Las Vegas has come to a close.

Tuesday was the first main conference day of the event, following Monday’s pre-conference programs and workshops.  The breakout sessions throughout the day were divided into four ‘tracks’: business development, innovation, marketing communications/PR and marketing technologies. Each track was given its own hashtag so attendees, and those interested at home, could follow the most talked about topics during the event.

Here’s our summary of the highlights from each track:

#LMAT1 : Track One – Business Development

“Use data to support your focus. Weed out the meaningful clients from those that will never become meaningful clients.”

“Most important question: On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate our overall service? If not a 10, what can we do to get there?”

“You should NOT cross-sell to clients who rate you 8 or below. Fix the relationships first.”

“Best client interview questions: For which practice areas do you use outside counsel but don’t choose our firm? Why not?”

“Pricing doesn’t work as a one-way presentation. It is a sit down conversation” 

“Clients don’t want to see your bio, they want to see bullet points on how you can help their business.

“There are a lot of law firms that can do excellent work, so separating yourself is where marketers come into play big time”

“Five keys every lawyers needs to deliver extraordinary client service… promises, questions, value, differentiation and preparation”


#LMAT2 : Track Two – Innovation

“Lawyers are trained to avoid risk. Marketers are trained to embrace it. Lawyers can be re-trained, just keep it up”

“Social media is driving SEO. If there is free real estate, claim ownership!”

“One of the activities managing partners need marketing to do? “Challenging us to innovate.”

“The biggest failing of CRM systems is not technology; it’s people.”


#LMAT3 : Track Three  – Marketing Communications/PR

“Reprints of articles that attorneys have written are as important as they ever were”

“Ask attorneys what questions they get from their clients all the time – those are the questions to answer with your content”

“Don’t start a blog until you have a backlog of 5 posts with plans for as many in the wings. [Commit or go home!]”

“Put together an editorial calendar for content management – need to keep it broad enough to still allow for breaking news”

“Crisis managers need to effectively utilize social media, especially video”

“Blogs are both a marketing and a PR tool – that’s the idea of integration. None of these tools are in a silo anymore.”


#LMAT4 : Track Four – Marketing Technologies

“74% of in-house counsel say the only read content. Just because they don’t comment doesn’t mean they aren’t consuming”

“Andrea Crews firm, Levenfield Perlstein reads every word of their website out loud to make sure it makes sense.”

“Google Plus is the most popular social network you aren’t using. It gets your content to the top of Google searches. Via Linda Pepe”

“It’s a fact: visitors have moved beyond the desktop. Smartphone and tablet traffic to law firm websites continues to increase”

“Legal websites need to reshape database content & serve to audience around a single topic area, like zappos and airbnb do”

“To get value from your web analytics efforts what you measure must be tied to your firm’s strategic marketing initiatives.”


Our favourite quote of the day?

From LMAT4: “77% of general counsel prefer chocolate ice cream.”


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