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The final day of the LMA Conference in Las Vegas brought together some of the world’s best legal marketers for another busy schedule of events.  Like yesterday the majority of the day was split into four tracks; business development, professional development, marketing communications/PR and marketing technologies.  The conference ended in the company of a panel packed with legal marketing celebs, discussing ‘Leveraging Big 4 Consulting Best Practices to Bolster Your Business Development Strategies’.

Following the conference’s Twitter feed has given us the chance to explore the most talked about tips and tricks from the event. Here’s our summary of the best bits from the last day.




#LMAT1 : Business Development

“Lateral Recruiting should be in your business development tool box, it’s key to any successful client development and retention plan.”

“If laterals are the bankable way to build business why do so many of them fail? What message does that send for organic growth?”

“If a firm came up with a creative alternative fee arrangement, then they know they’re thinking & are interested in the client”

“GSK moving towards flat fee model. No invoices. It is all on law firm to be efficient to ensure maximum profit from fee. “


#LMAT2 : Professional Development

“When developing a career plan, consider how and where you can pick up the skills needed to move to the next level.”

“To be a good leader: be sincere, let your people shine and be accountable.”

“Sometimes my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut. “


#LMAT3 : Marketing Communications / PR

“Marketing on a shoestring budget? A well crafted theme tells your story & reflects your unique value proposition.”

“What are people doing on FB – looking for something “living,” not legal advice. They just want to be treated like a person”

“You need to care about all of the steps that lead to the “buy” not just the result – that’s consumer/service, across the board”

“ROI on social media = “Return on Ignoring.” Can you afford to ignore the conversations/opportunity for your business”


#LMAT4 : Marketing Technologies

“Goal of video is to turn a viewer into a caller. Make sure there is a call to action.”

“What makes a good story in video? Connection. Tell specific stories that are education based”

“Video marketing for law firms — using video to connect with industries, raise profile and provide useful content.”


What advice did the Big 4 Panel have to give?

“Pretend you’re not marketers. You are teachers. You are just as good at teaching as we are at what we do. “

“Make the request. Get the detail. Find out who the top 25 clients are, then let them know what you want to do for them.”

“Clients don’t want to read long email alerts. Are you tracking analytics on your alerts? Who is opening? Clicking links?”

“You can have the best data, but you have to worry about what the output looks like for it to be useful internally.”

“If you do client satisfaction interviews, when they give suggestions or criticisms, you had better commit to making changes.”


To find out more about the Legal Marketing Association, you can visit their website. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, 2014’s conference is already being planned.

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