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LexBlog and Charles Christian on legal blogging

At Elephant Creative we love to write blog posts. After all, it is the online home of the modern business and the base from which all other social media should spring. But it can be hard, especially for lawyers.  As Charles Christian said, lawyers get caught because they think they have to write something of such length and complexity that it that would impress a Supreme Court Judge.

And that’s why we loved the blog post published June 17 by Kevin O’Keefe entitled, ‘Lawyers, lower your blogging and social media inhibitions.’  The bottom line is that lawyers really need to take it easy. Drop the idea that it has to be super formal, and embrace the reality that you can write in loose, friendly and informal prose. Try to avoid big words like “prose” and just write the way you talk. Little, open and often will make you appear real and genuine.

And if you’re still unconvinced, research recently demonstrated that short posts are more effective. We also recommend reading the post on how legal bloggers can learn from non-legal bloggers.


Legal Technology Conference 2013 – as demographics transition, new media will grow in use

On June 24 Legal Tech published the full keynote speech and video highlights from the Legal Technology Conference 2013. We poured over the footage and found it thoroughly informative. The Conference was all about how law firms can be best managed and run through new technology and new media, including social media.

One of the highlights for us was the contribution made by Thereza Snyman, head of IT, Kingsley Napley. She said this: “As the young’uns move up the food chain and as they become actively more engaged in law firm management we might see more engagement with IT and knowledge management and the other support functions.”

This is what we’ve long said. As demographics transition in law practice, new and social media will increasingly embed and become ubiquitous. The other highlight was actually the warning that came from Sam Dimond, Global head of knowledge management at Norton Rose. He said that unless lawyers “embrace new skill-sets” then 90% of social media projects will fail.


Gunnercooke – ‘a truly innovative law firm’

On June 20 we read a fantastic blog post by Mitch Kowalski on the recently formed boutique corporate law firm, Gunnercooke (@gunnercooke). In an eponymously named post, Mitch called the new practice ‘a truly innovative UK law firm.’

What he liked and got us ticking was their drive to liberate customers from the tyranny of the billable hour. As well as flexible billing the firm works on flexible employment arrangement. From out field research we also found that the firm is fantastic on social media; Twitter especially, with a great page and well-updated feed. As Mitch said, ‘Watch this firm!’


Tweeting in convoy

We love this new term ‘tweeting in convoy’. Well it’s not that new, Brian Inkster brought out attention to it back in 2011. But our EC Associate Brian John Spencer wrote a blog post, June 11 on this social media practice.

What does ‘tweeting in convoy’ mean? It means that your law firm Twitter account should be the mother ship. And from there the partners, associates and junior lawyers and paralegals should play a support and complimentary role. Read more about the science of ‘tweeting in convoy’ here.


Law firm web design

At Elephant Creative we love the aesthetic and we absolutely love web design. Nothing beats a nice website in our eyes. That’s why we loved the June 10 feature on the which featured some quality law firm websites.

Click here and you can see what we’re talking about and see some really nice law firm websites.


Hillary Clinton has best Twitter bio

Anyone who follows our Tweeter of the week award knows that we’re quite particular on crafting a Twitter profile. We’re especially particular on how a Twitter bio should be crafted. You only have 160 characters to make an impression so you have to do a good job.

It can be hard to articular exactly how a bio should be written and presented. A bit like legal blogging it shouldn’t be dry and stuffy, but rather open and approachable.

Perhaps that’s why we loved it on June 10 when the news went viral that Hillary Clinton had joined Twitter and had managed to create a killer Twitter bio. See it here.


Awareness Is the Key to Avoiding Law Firm Failures

Bankruptcy is still a very real threat in the legal economy. But there are measures you can take to ensure a healthy balance sheet.

The Hildebrandt blog produced a great feature June 4 on why firms go bankrupt and how you can effectively take a stance against bankruptcy. It read well and tackles a difficult subject and slices things into easy compartments. But the main thing we learnt is that law firms need vision and long term awareness. Read the blog post here.


Growth of US law firms in Asia, London presence up by 5.4%

The Hildebrandt blog always produces some of the most topical and probing content. We were also struck by the June 19 feature on law firm growth in Asia.

Beijing and Hong Kong saw the most growth as US firms expand their reach. It was also interesting to see that London has welcomed a growth in the presence of US law firms. See report in full here.


One last thing…

We’ve been aware that law schools in the US and UK have been getting a bad name in recent times. So the publication of the Legal Education and Training Review came with interest.