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So you’ve created a Twitter account, uploaded a profile picture and filled-in your biography.  But nobody’s following you.  Here are 5 reasons why…

1 You don’t tweet enough

There are a lot of people tweeting these days, so if you’re only tweeting once a day you’ll struggle to stand-out from the crowd.  Try tweeting at least a few times daily to achieve a greater share of voice and get noticed.

It can be hard to stay on top of your tweeting, so why not schedule your tweets with a social media management tool such as HootSuite or Buffer?  Check out our post on tools to help you schedule your tweets for free.


2 You don’t tweet at the right times

It’s all well and good to tweet more often, but you won’t get the maximum benefit unless your followers aren’t online!  Try using a tool such as Tweriod to see when your followers are online.  Optimising your tweets will help you to maintain a much healthier presence in your followers’ feeds.


3 You never talk to people, just at them

Social media is all about chatting with other users! And there’s absolutely nothing social about treating it as a one-way sound board. Use @replies and @mentions to entice people into engaging with you. Also retweet and utilise hash tags often as these are great ways of showing others that you’re willing to get involved in current events.


4 You write crap content

We’re entering a new era of social media.  No longer are users happy to follow anyone and everyone.  They want something in return for their loyalty, and this ‘something’ is good content!

If you don’t know what to write, have a brainstorming session and put together a simple content calender.  This will help you to bring something of value to your followers.


5 You don’t link to your Twitter account

Twitter doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Give yourself the best chance possible of attracting new followers by linking to your Twitter account wherever possible.  Incorporate a ‘follow’ button on your website, email footer and even a add a URL to physical materials such as leaflets and brochures.