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Building a vibrant and engaged Twitter following isn’t easy.  You’ve got to tweet the right things, at the right times and to the right people. But how do you keep up with your tweeting schedule?  Nobody has the time to post messages all day, right?

Social media management tools are a great way to stay on top of your tweets.  There’s plenty out there, so we’ve compile a list of our top 5.


1 Hootsuite

Not only can you manually schedule tweets for when you are away from your computer or smartphone, you can now ‘auto-schedule’ tweets for them to appear at the optimal time for your followers.  If you want to get super organised, why not try the bulk message uploader tool and then put your feet up and relax!

In reality HootSuite is so much more than a Twitter scheduler.  It’s an all-in-one social media management tool that allows you to add your Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube streams too.  HootSuite is also great for ‘listening’ as you can also stream content from the people you follow straight into your dashboard.


2 Buffer

Gradually, Buffer are emerging as challengers to HootSuite’s dominance.  Similarly to HootSuite you can add multiple streams, but what Buffer really focuses on is message scheduling.  We particularly love the clipper which you can install to your web browser!

Sync your Buffer with Tweriod for a free analysis on when your followers are online so that you can optimise your tweets for the biggest chance of success.


3 Gremln

Used by some of the UK’s leading brands, Gremln (that’s right, no ‘i’!) is another all-round social media management tool.  As you’d expect, it’s easy to link Gremln to all of your social accounts.

Unfortunately the free plan does include adverts, however the message scheduler function really is a treat.


4 Twuffer

This very simple but effective tool is great for anyone who is a little intimidated by the complicated dashboard designs seen in other social media management tools.  All you have to do is compose a tweet and schedule it for release.

Your scheduled tweets can be seen easily by clicking on the (you guessed it!) ‘scheduled tweets’ tab.


5 Future Tweets

Similarly to Twuffer, Future Tweets is solely dedicated to the scheduling of tweets.  Yes, it’s packed with ads and looks as if it was built in 10 minutes by an intoxicated web developer, but it’s simplicity and ease-of-use is to be applauded.

Using this tool is as simple as composing a tweet, selecting a time to publish and clicking schedule.  Have fun with the completely bonkers ‘flip the tweet’ function, where you can post upside-down messages to your friends! Maybe this feature has  something to do with that drunk web developer…