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Here at Elephant Creative we have been keeping a watchful eye on the QS ‘I love my Lawyer’ campaign’ and quite frankly we think it’s genius.

Whilst some members feel disgruntled and some have mocked the advertising campaign as being ‘cheesy’, we think it works.  The key marketing message is simple, it involves real people and carries an innovative message that triggers thought and engagement.   Who would have thought the words, ’I love my lawyer’ would ever be murmured, never mind made into a quirky badge that people actually wear – and they do! Our very own Helen Hammond requested a badge from  Quality Solicitors as an experiment, to see if they would be kind and forthcoming with their merchandise, and to her delight they snail mailed one out, proving they are not just client focused but great business networkers too.

When the ‘I Love my Lawyer’ campaign first launched, the group said that following consumer research and feedback from clients, it wanted “to change people’s perceptions with a campaign that shows it is possible to find legal professionals that are approachable, jargon-free, and available when you need them.”  Now don’t you agree that the, ‘I Love my Lawyer’ campaign is totally in line with their key marketing message?

Quality Solicitors has cleverly devised a cross channel marketing strategy spanning social, web, video, press and digital marketing.  The success can be instantly measured by feasting your eyes on the QS YouTube video, ‘Saturday Opening’ receiving over 61,000 hits. #ilovemylawyer Twitter engagement has been hugely successful and used by law firms and satisfied clients.

QS has paved the way for lawyer and client to engage in online conversation and this style of business communication is imperative for legal firms to survive the digital revolution. The national law firm network put out six TV spots, three of which highlight how QS can make conveyancing, divorce and writing a will easier for the client.

The roll out of the QS website has caught our attention too, with its striking functionality and services.  It is intelligent and smart with mobile friendly functionality; an organised media centre and data capture intelligence.  Proving to be a great example of a website designed for functionality, ROI and web-metric reporting. Importantly will probably serve Quality Solicitors until at least 2020.

Whatever your thoughts, QS should receive praise for their marketing and business development efforts, we agree this type of TV and video campaign simply will not appeal to everyone but it certainly does appeal to their niche market and that is what ultimately counts.  Overall the campaign is a trailblazing attempt to smash down legal stereotypes from a firm that is on the cutting edge of legal marketing and business development as we know it. Well done Quality Solicitors.

For your chance to read the full report on ‘Digital and Social Technologies for Professional Services’ 2013 by author and contributor Helen Hammond, Elephant Creative @ElephantCreate and Richard Chaplin, Founder and CEO of the Managing Partners’ Forum. @MPFGlobal @PMFGlobal download now.