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One thing we’ve noticed among many UK sixth-forms and FE colleges is although many have marketing strategies, social media sites and they dabble in PR activity, the admissions process itself is seen as a short stand-alone activity. Usually there is an annual open day, some banners to advertise or an advert in the local newspaper and then applications open and interviews take place.

What we want you to think about today is looking at the admissions process in a completely different way – as a year-round communications exercise. You see, prospective students and their parents start forming opinions and views about colleges and sixth-forms long before the autumn open days take place – in fact they could have been forming a view of your institution for more than a year.

Secondly, as any college knows, getting students to apply is only part of the battle. Top students could receive offers from several sixth-forms and colleges – you’re in a competition to win the student. The time between the application interviews and students receiving their GCSE results in August is a crucial time to convince prospective students and parents that your college is the best place to study

So the key is to build a PR strategy that is year-long and involves consistent and regular publicity about your institution.

Check out our case study of a 12 month PR strategy we put in place for a North London sixth-form college, which resulted in their biggest applications process ever. You’ll pick up tips for how you can implement PR year-round and see examples of the publicity that can be achieved.

View it HERE.