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Welcome to the new look Legal Wrap, our monthly tour of marketing highlights in the professional services industry, with our views and insights to get you thinking. Over to legal marketing expert Helen Hammond…

We don’t need the law, we need toe-tapping, fruit-picking videos

Doing a monthly ‘what’s been going on in the industry’ blog has featured on my to-do list for months. Like many of you lawyers and in-house marketing people out there I thought it seemed like a good idea… and then ignored it, pushing it down and down the list. Why? Because it was boring. In today’s marketplace one only needs to be a member of the PM Forum or Legal Marketing LinkedIn groups to get told about the reports and stats that are supposed to influence tactical and strategic decisions.

So, what could I write about?  Here at Elephant Towers we believe that knowing how to use the information is often more important that having it to start with – what use is the latest survey or report if you don’t know how it applies to you?  Each month I’m going to share my observations on actual activity going on in the marketplace and try to get your marketing and business development juices flowing.

This month I want to talk about video. We all know we ought to do it… but why… because scary marketing lady said so? Well, yes… but also because:

  • 78% of people  watch video online at least once a week and 55% every day
  • Branded (that means a company that sticks their logo or corporate identity on it) video content reaches nearly half (46%) of all internet users in the UK. More than half of these (54%) go on to click through to the brand’s website
  • Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online
  • There has been a 70% growth in video use in B2B marketing (ie. companies marketing to companies) in the last year
  • Video is the most shared content on social media

Right. Convinced it’s worth a look? Now we hit a problem. Broadly speaking, videos by lawyers can be a little on the dry side. Focusing too closely on imparting legal knowhow the majority miss a real trick – that video is a chance to humanise your firm’s brand – to present the personality both behind the brand and the people.  Let us not forget that it is personality that ‘sells’, in the first instance, not being able to talk about a complex case.

I’ve included, here, examples of some videos from law firms that stand out, for me. If you’re thinking about law firm video content (and if not, why not) then these are worth a look for inspiration.


1. Watson Thomas Solicitors

With the reduction of legal aid family teams across the UK have been repositioning themselves, often to go after the same 30-something professional marketplace.  This firm has thought creatively about who they’re talking to, what that person is worried about and the way they would usually communicate.  As law firm ‘adverts’ go, it’s excellent.

Watson Thomas YouTube


2. Thrings TV

It’s early days but I sense big things for this new channel. On Thrings TV there are three ‘line on the sand’ videos – Thrings we do, Thrings you need to know, Thrings people say. In all cases they’ve thought about the end viewer – the ‘legal knowhow’ video is positioned to look more like a Morrisons or Waitrose advert than an information video from a law firm and the ‘client testimonial’ does as much to celebrate the client’s success as promote the firm (demonstrating the collaborative approach and focus on business objectives that ALL commercial firms say they have). This new channel has set the benchmark high.

Thrings TV


3. DWF Snapshot

I am going to slap a very large waiver on this one and apologise for a soundtrack that you won’t shake off for days… However, the content is their 2012 Annual Report, not in a boring old A4 brochure but as an engaging, visual representation that also presents their (then pretty new) brand. It’s the sort of confident interpretation of a traditional activity that one is coming to expect from DWF and worth a look before you press print on your own reports.

DWF Annual Report


4. Harper MacLeod – Samantha Kinghorn: on the road to Glasgow 2014

There’s a reason that these guys won Most Innovative use of Social Media at the MPF Awards this year.  Their integration of social media within their sponsorship of Glasgow 2014 is inspirational.  As is their use of video to demonstrate their support of the event.  What they’ve proven is that even by featuring someone else, and nothing about the law, you can tell the viewer a lot about the type of firm you are and your value system.

Harper MacLeod YouTube


5. Slaughter & May – Trainees

Just a word to remind you that video can be a positive tool for recruitment as well as demonstrating expertise. In truth I trawled through a whole load of deathly dull trainee videos before I stumbled over this but it’s beautiful. Really. Ok, so it took me a while to find the play button but the elegant design, great editing and logical classification of videos makes this a really valuable resource and an example to follow.

Slaughter and May Recruitment


6. Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP – Legal Rankings

Finally, a last clip to show you that video doesn’t have to be used simply to talk about the law or legal jobs. It can be a fantastic tool for PR and wider promotion.  It was great to see Rix & Kay Solicitors take to the studio to talk about their legal ranking results, this year.  Let’s be honest, they’ll have sweated blood to put the submissions in so it’s great to see a firm being a bit innovative in how they use the spoils of their victory.

Rix and Kay YouTube