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Tomorrow, owner and managing director of Elephant Creative, Helen Hammond will be presenting key findings from a recent research study into the relevance of digital and social technologies for the professional services at an event in Bristol.

The Digital and Social Technologies report, conducted by PM Forum, the MPF (Managing Partners Forum) and Elephant Creative, was released last year – but it has continued to stimulate debate across the industry.

The ground-breaking benchmarking survey confirmed that despite all the recent advances in digital and social technologies, face-to-face contact remained firmly the most important mode of communication for professional services firms. Many respondents – particularly those who did not see themselves as digital experts – even went so far as to say that these advances make face-to-face contact more important than before, rather than becoming substitutes for it, as had been widely predicted.

Meanwhile, responses from the 190 senior managers and marketing professionals who took part in the survey strongly suggested that social media technologies were less important than other major modes of communications, despite the current hype around them.

On Thursday Helen will be talking about the key findings; amongst them

  • Changing use and popularity of digital and social technologies in professional firms
  • Disconnects arising from differing purposes and outcomes from using this technology
  • The role of digital and social technology in promoting engagement, collaboration and new business generation
  • How KPI data and knowledge is shared internally with MPs and business unit leaders and used to influence decision-making
  • The role of training, experience and peer-networks in converting digital novices to experts

For the PM Forum member-only event tomorrow, Helen will then join a distinguished panel, consisting of: John Golding, Managing Partner and head of Public Sector at Grant Thornton; Dagmar Steffens, Director of Academic Law at UWE; Stuart Turnbull, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Withy King; and James Touzel of TLT (moderator). The panel will debate emerging issues from the study and also take questions from the floor.

If you haven’t yet seen the report, you can get a copy HERE.