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Many companies are already tapping into the ever growing market of mobile browsers and if you want to stay ahead of the game, there’s no avoiding it, you have to go mobile.

Google research has proven that 72% of consumers want mobile friendly sites.

Having a site optimising for mobile browsing is fundamental for business, in todays world of convenience, not just to benefit the customer but to also benefit the company.


Mobile website design makes life easy for your customers

Consumers are doing more and more on their mobile phones now, including shopping and browsing for products and when they do it’s important that experience is easy and meets all their needs.

More Google research has discovered that 67% of consumers would be more likely to buy from you using their mobile device if the site meets their mobile needs.

But, on the other hand 61% of consumers also said that are likely to leave your site if it’s not mobile friendly.

Worse still, many fans of your brand will be disappointed in the company as a whole if the mobile experience didn’t meet their expectations. 55% of respondents agreed, that a frustrating experience trying to view a website on their phone would change their view of the brand overall.


What are people looking for in a website accessed from a mobile device?

  • Site speed – loading time of 5 seconds or less
  • Big, mobile-friendly buttons
  • Limited scrolling and pinching
  • Quick access to business contact information
  • “Click to call” access to phone the business
  • Links to the company’s social media profiles
  • One-direction scrolling, either horizontal or vertical, but not both.
  • A site that fits the small screen
  • A search bar that is easy to find and use

As far as retail goes, consumers will still prefer to do deep research, read reviews, and make big purchases on their desktops, but they will use the mobile sites to making contact and take action are their priorities when on the go.

Getting directions, opening hours, contacting the store, product information and purchasing goods are the most important retail tasks.

Now that technology has come a long way, you no longer need to create an app or a completely different website for mobile use. You can have your site fully optimise and responsive as part of the build, making it easy to offer a unified experience across devices and to make sure your customers are always up to date.


Factory Pattern is offering businesses a free website review, to see whether you should be considering optimising your site for mobile.  They spend 3-4 minutes using your site and record the process, as they go through each stage.  Once your site is reviewed, they email you (and only you) the link to the video review, where you will gain that all important insight into the user experience and give you guidance on what you may be able do to improve your site. If you think your website might need some attention or you’re curious to find out if there are any areas which could do with improvement, give it a try and get in touch