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Your target audiences are communicating on social and digital media.  There’s no escaping it.  And with every day that goes by they expect more in terms of the stories you share.

Video has become an expected form of communication.  It’s a chance to engage people at an emotional level as well as share vast amounts of information.  To demonstrate your personality and provide a virtual ‘visit’ to the heart of your college.

Of course it’s easy to make videos – all you need is an iPhone – but what about good videos?  Videos that speak the right language and achieve strategic goals.  That engage the people you want to target.  That reflect your brand clearly and professionally. Wondering where to start?

Ten reasons to do video

  1. Promote your college or faculty in a way that communicates personality – a picture paints a thousand words and videos are a thousand times a thousand.
  2. Do a virtual tour to show people what the campus looks like and what they can expect – or even to showcase new or special facilities.
  3. Demonstrate a particular specialism or new product.
  4. Use video as a way of sharing experiences – either students or staff… or perhaps partner businesses or organisations.
  5. Search engines love videos so drive traffic to your website through naming and tagging your videos correctly. And don’t forget to share them on social media.
  6. Use video to improve business relationships – if you’re doing a video about apprenticeships, for example, why not get a partner business to sponsor it and promote what they’re doing too.
  7. Give your college a personal face and use video for the annual review or introduction, instead of a page of words.
  8. Use video to get people engaging with your brand – why not get alumni or partner businesses to upload their own videos, rather than supplying dull old written quotes?
  9. Encourage regular traffic through daily or weekly podcasts/talks… or use videos to promote events. Maybe even have clips of lectures or events.
  10. And don’t forget it’s not just about your own website. Video can be used in a variety of directories and blogs to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Our interactive training helps you to get the most out of video.  During this three-hour session we’ll explain the techniques needed to tell a story, maintain attention, engage the audience and create strategically relevant video content.

Designed for in-house marketing or digital teams, at the end of this you will have a clear understanding of the following areas:

  • Setting goals and agreeing key messages from each video and the complete project
  • Agreeing on a concept
  • Tone of voice (voiceover, soundtrack)
  • Scripting your video
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Marketing your video
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your video

Each session is tailored specifically to your college in terms of strategic plan, internal resources and target audiences.  In addition to delivery of this training you will get access to the course presentations, a write guide to the topics covered and can arrange one-to-one mentoring with one of our specialists.

To deliver this training Elephant Creative has partnered with Associates Glued – experts in brand and marketing for FE & HE.  Glued has produced videos and show reels for, amongst others, NEW College (North East Worcestershire College), Sheffield Hallam University, Oxford Brookes University, De Montfort University, Aston University and Northampton College.

For more information you can download our brochure on videos here.