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Email marketing. You know what it means, you know you are doing it (or you know you should be doing it) and you know there are benefits. But what about more than that?

Are you making the most of this fantastically flexible and relatively cheap marketing tool?

Email marketing is great because it is a targeted style of marketing which really is low cost, and it works for most types of businesses or organisations, whether you are an international law firm, or a local Further Education college.

Email marketing provider NewZapp released this very interesting (if rather lengthy) white paper that gives you everything you need to know about optimizing your email marketing. It covers absolutely everything from subject lines and avoiding spam, to understanding ‘bounces’ and creating lists.

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We can highly recommend giving it a read, but here are some of our favourite tips from the paper:


Subject Line

The report says: ‘The estimation is that you have up to 5 seconds to catch your subscriber’s attention with your subject line. With most people receiving on average 50+ emails per day you really have to make your subject line appealing to your readers and make them want to open your email.’

It suggests avoiding subject lines that are too long – around 40-55 words is about right.


Mobile design

The report says: ‘A recent study claimed we’re on our mobile phone every 6 minutes, checking it on average 150 times a day – that means your email marketing campaign needs to look just as good on a mobile as it does on a desktop. There are two common design options for mobile — scalable or responsive.’

Scalable meaning the email layout is created to be readable no matter what size it is scaled down to on a phone. Or responsive meaning that two layout designs are created and used depending on the screen shape the email is being viewed on.


List segmentation

Woah, that sounds like a boring sub-heading! But it is actually very important. As the report says: ‘It’s very tempting to just send a generic email to your entire database but this won’t produce the best conversion rates, and may eventually turn your subscribers into non responders. If you segment your database and target your emails, you’ll be able to write about what your subscribers are interested in.

‘This will get a much better response rate, as your recipients are more likely to be interested in your communication. This will increase your open and click-through rates and therefore the overall success of your email campaigns.’


Track your campaign

This is another great plus point to email marketing. You can see clear statistics to help monitor the effectiveness of your campaign in a way that is almost impossible with more old fashion printed advertising. In fact, there are very few types of advertising or marketing in which you can track exactly who opened your message, clicked on your links, converted to a sale or unsubscribed.

The report adds: ‘The importance of tracking and measuring your campaigns cannot be overstated. It eliminates the guesswork and enables you to calculate your email marketing campaign ROI (return on investment), so you know just how effective it was and whether you should spend your marketing budget in this way in the future.’


Read the full report here.