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In the world of education, the idea of ‘branding’ can sometimes become a little lost or forgotten. To say a college is ‘brand’, perhaps, sounds like an odd thing. It’s not to say it’s like Coca Cola or Cadburys… But every organisation – not matter whether it’s a multi-national business, a charity or even a single person – has its own set of values, beliefs and ideals.

Colleges and universities, just like businesses, have a target audience and a set of goals, perhaps based on enrolments, exam grades, or pupil numbers. Therefore, it is a brand of sorts.

So this month we are talking all about ‘Branding and Messaging’ – put even simpler ‘what are you saying and who are you saying it to?’ (for even more see our Branding and Messaging Review brochure).

Every marketing tactic you use, whether that be a prospectus and a website, or social media and e-shots, should be demonstrating your values and educational ethos, and therefore should naturally be helping to achieve your goal of attracting your target audience.

Below we’ve devised a nifty and short infographic to put it in a nutshell, and for the next few weeks we’ll be discussing the topic in more detail.

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