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Sorry to mention the word (which sounds more like a cheap breakfast cereal than a political movement) but we’re talking about Brexit. Yes, we know, it’s been over two weeks since the referendum and we are STILL talking about it…

…But actually so are you (don’t pretend you’re not). And so are many other law firms and chambers around the world, which is exactly why we’ve decided to write this post now.


Not only during and after the referendum, but months before as well, law firms were blogging and posting about the potential consequences of Brexit.  And only this morning we saw three chambers (Monkton Chambers, 11KBW and Brick Court) that popped up with Brexit blogs (posting every single day – impressive).

And quite right too. Content marketing, as we know, is the biggest growing area of the marketing sector at the moment and the best possible way to get your content read is to tap into topical debate and current affairs. And let’s be honest… as lawyers one of the things you do best is having an opinion on things… and we have one of the biggest changes, generating opinions, in recent history.

This raises the question: how important is copywriting itself, should lawyers be doing it themselves, should they be expected to make time for it, what should they be writing about and what tone should they be writing in?

It sounds easy doesn’t it? Write a blog article about ‘blah blah’ topic and upload to the website. But what firms and chambers need to be doing is writing quality content that people want to read, and which reaches out to their target audience.

It isn’t quite so easy, and it doesn’t take five minutes. Those who do it regularly will know this. There are some fantastic lawyer blogs out there and plenty of stiff competition.

Sometimes it can pay to have someone writing the copy for you. At the moment, for example, we’re working with one of the leading City firms to help them write their annual review… we’re working with their partners to write articles on everything from digital changes affecting the real estate sector, through to the changing public sector landscape, innovative business structures and more.  They recognised that whilst they might have the legal expertise, sometimes a little professional perspective and a helping hand makes all the difference to get the message across.  Here are some reasons why:

  1. Expertise. You are experts in law, we are experts in copywriting. Not just that, we are also experts in legal marketing. Put the two together and we have everything that you need to write an excellent legal article, annual review, website page or brochure.
  2. Plain English. You work in the legal sector, but the clients you are reaching out to may not, they may not understand industry jargon. Sometimes it helps to have someone who can look at a topic or article and help to explain it in terms that are easy (and enjoyable) for people to read. We’re not talking about dumbing down, but simply talking in Plain English.
  3. Getting the tone right. This is an area some people don’t consider, but you should consider the tone of your writing depending on the audience you are intending to write for. We would use a completely different tone when writing for barristers (talking to solicitors), than an audience of landlords or charity clients… and different again when talking about matrimonial matters for private clients.
  4. Time. You may actually consider this to be the biggest draw in terms of hiring someone to do your copywriting. Time is money, and whilst it is nice to see lawyers writing and blogging to their own audiences, ultimately they are busy people and you have to weigh up whether time and money is better spent paying someone to do your copywriting to allow your lawyers to do their work.

Want to see some of the places we’ve written copy for?  Take a look at,, or this article as an example from Herrington Carmichael, scripts for corporate videos (like this one with Nick Hewer), email marketing, case studies and guidance sheets for QMS International, news and other copy for Tanfield Chambers and that’s before we talk about the huge number of legal directory submissions we turn in every year!

Elephant Creative is an expert professional services marketing firm, working with regional, national and global law firms and barrister chambers. We have a team of associates, which include fantastic copywriters, who can create informative blog posts, engaging website copy, or even press releases.

If you are interested in contacting us about copywriting or any other kind of marketing expertise email or take a look at our Digital Content brochure or read some of our copywriting case studies.