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With the huge brains you have working at your law firm or chambers pulling together directory submissions shouldn’t present a challenge… should it?
It’s not so much you can’t do it yourself, of course you can and many do. But it’s more that we understand you might not have the time, nor all the background knowledge and experience of the process to ensure that every angle is covered.

Legal directory submissions can be a real slog, but the results are worth it if you get a listing, as we discussed in our previous post on the topic. With the changing legal sector more and more clients are recognising the value of an impartial, academic review of expertise… and it’s one of the reasons why there has been a boom in firms from the USA seeking UK-based advice on how to get their submissions right. You see, Chambers & Partners might review legal expertise over 185 jurisdictions but it’s all based in London, UK.
We don’t want to make this into a sales pitch about what we can do, but we every year we write hundreds of directory submissions for lawyers and barristers, including, increasingly global firms. Because we’ve been doing this for almost as long as Chambers US has been ‘alive’ we are able to bring a unique insight into the industry and the directory ranking process.
A submission to Chambers & Partners isn’t a one-day desk job, however. It’s a long and laborious task that has to be done scrupulously if you are to have any chance of making the impact you want.

So why get an expert to write your submission?

• Knowledge. It’s useful to work with people who know the process inside out. Having worked with UK and US law firms on submissions for a range of different directories over many years, we know all the tips and tricks of the trade. It’s helpful to involve people who know the way in which Chambers & Partners want the submission set out, exactly what should be included, and how to get those vital interviews. And, it’s helpful to work with people that know many of the editors personally and take the time to find out any plans to expand (or reduce) categories as well as their preferences in terms of ‘hot topics’.
• Expertise. On the same theme as knowledge, another reason for employing an expert is their expertise in crafting these submissions and ensuring they have maximum impact. It is only through years of putting together hundreds of submissions that you can learn exactly what makes a great one. An expert can also advise on a marketing strategy to support your submission, because in fact the submission is only one piece of the jigsaw. You need proof of what you are claiming, demonstrated throughout the whole year. This can only be achieved by having a good strong communications strategy in place to support your submission.
• Time. There is nothing more precious is there? Especially when you have 101 other demands on your time. Consider whether it is time well spent taking time out of your schedule to do all the background work in order to write a directory submission. Sometimes it pays to get someone else to do things for you.
• Appeals for unfair rankings. If you have found that you have submitted before and not got ranked, and you feel the decision was unfair it can be helpful to have a consultant on board to help you appeal and to look at the possible problems in your submission to improve. In fact, the very first place we usually start is in reviewing last year’s rankings and submissions and discussing them, on your behalf, with the relevant researchers.
If you need help putting together submissions for Chambers USA or any other part of the Chambers guide, then get in touch with