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Bill has nearly 20 years experience in IT Industry with a focus and background in Sales, Marketing and Operations. Customer Satisfaction is a major passion and personal objective of his and he has a long history with “tools to manage customers” – some of which were beasts. 

He set up his own business 4 years ago to focus on “Cloud” based solutions – a term he personally dislikes. In Plain English, it means you are working on the internet.  A key corner stone was Zoho – primarily for their CRM (Customer Relationship Management). He runs regular free seminars in Bristol to help users get a feel of what Zoho can do for them, but also to showcase how he can help. 

As well as the Cloud business he also has a long standing relationship of nearly 10 years with LPI (Linux Professional Institute) – Linux is the hidden technology that powers the Cloud, over 85% of websites run on Linux. At Future Cert he represents the LPI in UK and Ireland. 

He is driven by a frustration that there are jobs in the IT industry available for people with Linux skills but those people are not available. He says, “We need Linux to be thought about in Schools, Colleges and Universities. We also need to focus on the other issue in IT – the significant gender imbalance. We need to work to change this.”