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Rebecca and Elephant Creative go way back. For the past six years she’s been taking her copywriting around the world with her in the US, Asia, Russia and now, in an equally exotic, Sheffield. 

Whether she’s tweeting, blogging, researching or reporting, for her it’s all about getting the message across in a Plain English and approachable way. Rebecca has worked with a wide range of Elephant Creative’s clients over the years and is often the person found tapping away on their social media profiles, ever on the hunt for the perfect hashtag. She has always been involved in the education marketing side of Elephant Creative but has, more recently, adventured into the world of legal marketing too. 

When Rebecca’s not writing for Elephant Creative, or herself, she can usually be found trying out her latest recipe finds, making a mess with hand-built ceramics or exploring her neighbouring Peak District on a run (more likely walk).