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Amongst admissions, curriculum planning, event organising and staff training, getting great news coverage for your school or college can often fall by the wayside. Many institutions have a wealth of news to share but don’t have the time or support to do it. We’ve got a few tips for turning great news into great news coverage.

Barnet Times Woodhouse Results pic  

Write a pitch-perfect press release

There are lots of ways to write press releases but to get yours top of the pile you need to make it attention-grabbing and easy for the journalists to work with. Start with an exciting headline and put the most ‘newsworthy’ information in the first section. Try to tie it with a local theme or a current event to keep it topical and attractive to readers. Include a photo whenever possible or even try embedding videos – mixed media can make you stand out amongst a collection of black and white copies.

Produce high quality content

If you’ve got a lot of exciting things happening at your school or college, it’s important to make sure you’re shouting about them too. Regularly updating your school or college website with the latest news and achievements from your students makes it much easier for people to talk about you. If the content is already there, it’s much easier for journalists to pick up on your stories.

Be social

Raising your profile through social media is a very effective way of getting more press coverage. There are lots of ways you can use Twitter and Facebook to contact journalists or encourage news sites to share your stories. By producing engaging content, you can make more people aware of your latest triumphs instantly.

Keep everyone up to date

It’s not just the press that want to hear all your great stories, parents and pupils want to hear about it directly. Packaging up your latest news in a monthly email, or printed newsletter that can be sent out to your community of parents, students, alumni or prospective students ensures that everyone knows what you’re up to and they’re talking about it. 


If all of this sounds like a lot of time-consuming work to you, then consider what out-sourcing this marketing work could do for your school or college.

What we’ve seen and learnt from working with schools, sixth-forms and FE colleges is that just a small amount of professional marketing support can make a huge difference for institutions without the time or resources for PR. 

That’s why we recently released two new fixed-fee content and PR packages that are designed to give education establishments the tailored expertise they need. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to get you the coverage you deserve.