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All law firms, big or small, have lots of news to talk about. It’s one thing having great news, but it’s another getting great news coverage. It’s a competitive sector to get noticed in but there are a few tips you can follow to help build your presence with your clients, the press and a much wider audience.


Stay up-to-date

Keep a regular eye on legal news sites. Choose articles or news stories that relate to your practice and write your own take on it. If you’re strapped for time, even just a quick summary of the news and a link to where clients can read more is still useful. It shows that you aware of the latest going-ons in the legal sector.

Produce high quality content

While quick news updates are a great place to start, it’s the juicy content that will get you noticed. Producing high quality content means that you will be the one being referred back to as the source of information. Detailed blog posts about your firm’s news that can be shouted about online make coverage easy, it’s written already for those who want to share it.

Write a pitch-perfect press release

There are lots of ways to write press releases but to get yours top of the pile you need to make it attention-grabbing and easy for the journalists to work with. Start with an attention grabbing headline and put the most ‘newsworthy’ information in the first section. Try to tie it with a local theme or a current event. Include any referenced attorney’s social media links, include images or embed videos – mixed media can make you stand out amongst a collection of black and white copies.

Be social

We’ve written about law firms getting social media right in our TOTW blogs and it proves how important keeping your profiles active and engaging is. Twitter is a fantastic tool for reaching out to your clients and journalists who, in turn, can help you shout out about your news.

If all this sounds like a lot of time-consuming work, especially if you are a smaller law firm with no in-house marketing support, then it may be worth considering out-sourcing marketing work. 

We’ve launched an exciting new content and PR package for local and regional law firms, which include writing website content, sending our press releases and producing high quality email newsletters for current and prospective clients. 

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