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Staying up to date with all the social media platforms can be exhausting but it’s an increasingly important part of your marketing strategy. Yet again, the people at the top have been tinkering with our social media platforms, creating updated designs and apps. This time it’s LinkedIn, with a range of upcoming changes being made from now, onwards.

EC associate Jonathan Pollinger recently wrote an article for our blog titled ‘LinkedIn for Law Firms’, handing out some fantastic advice for law firms (and barristers’ chambers) getting to grips with the networking platform. LinkedIn should be at the top of your social media to-do list as a law firm but we understand that it can be hard to keep up with the latest updates and changes. Every time you get used to one way of doing things, it’s time to do it differently all over again. 

This autumn has been particularly active for LinkedIn changes, so we’ve put together a handy list of the ones to look out for and how you can maximise their benefits…

Desktop Refresh

At time of writing (Nov 2016) the new LinkedIn desktop design hasn’t been rolled out for all members but we have seen a sneak peek of what it will look like.


It has a similar design to the mobile version of LinkedIn so it may not be too unfamiliar. The main takeaways are that the new homepage will place a much larger emphasis on the news feed, the navigation has been cleaned up and there is a small side box that shows the user’s profile.

How to make the most of it…

With the majority of the homepage now being taken up by the news feed, the new LinkedIn aims to encourage people to post more. To make sure that you are getting seen on this feed, you need to be posting regularly with interesting and current legal content. Jonathan talks about getting the content right in his blog

Messenger and Chat Bots 

Another part of the big update is the new messenger feature. When it is rolled out fully, it will function in a similar way to Facebook Messenger with pop ups along the bottom of your screen for current conversations. There will also be an integrated smart chat bot in the messenger, this bot will be able to compare users’ calendars and help schedule meetings.

How to make the most of it…

The new messenger will make it easier to keep in contact with prospective, new and current clients and offers an opportunity to keep connections fresh. Be careful not to give out too much advice in casual conversation, it’s great to keep contact and start conversations but you want to make sure that it eventually links back to your business, firm or set.

Audience demographics

LinkedIn company pages have always had insights (although the ones on LinkedIn itself leave us wanting a little) but recently the platform has released audience demographics for personal profiles too. Currently only available on mobile , heading to desktop soon, users can see who is reading their posts and published articles.

How to make the most of it…

This is a fantastic tool for making sure that your posts and articles are being read by the right people. You are now able to learn more about your audience – what companies they work for, their job titles, where they live, and how they found your post. Use these stats to think about what you’re posting and how you could alter them to fit the audience you’re aiming for. Have a look at companies that are viewing your posts and get connecting.

And finally… LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the social network’s break into online education. It offers 9,000 courses to help develop professional skills in everything from coding to writing to accounting that users can display on their profile. 

How to make the most of it?

Individuals can sign up for courses that are suggested based on the skills they want to develop. However, as an added feature, employers are able to recommend courses and can track their employee’s progress through LinkedIn’s analytics. This is an interesting way to conduct training within a legal practice to ensure that employees have a variety of skills to display on their online CV.

While we wait for the arrival of the major desktop updates, there’s time to get started on mobile and start thinking about your LinkedIn profile. If you need help with your LinkedIn, or any social media, strategy for your law firm get in touch with Elephant Creative today.