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The long slog of the first school term has almost got a Christmas-shaped light at the end of the tunnel but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take a social media break. We’ve talked a lot about how social media can benefit colleges and universities throughout the school year and now we want to focus on each network and the ways in which they can be used to reach students; prospective, current and alumni.

In this blog we’re focusing on FE Colleges using Twitter. While Snapchat and Instagram are becoming increasingly popular with a younger audience (read our recent article on the topic here), Twitter is still an important part of marketing strategy for colleges and universities. 

Rather than tell you how it should be done, we thought we’d show you instead. So here are some of our Twitter tips for FE Colleges as demonstrated by winners of our Education Tweeters of the Week…


Begin with a brilliant bio

Your biography on Twitter is the first thing people see, your shop floor so to speak. One of our top scoring TOTW for this section was Abingdon & Witney College. Their bio offers a succinct summary of everything that their college has to offer, alongside topical and their own trending hashtags. 

Top tip: Your bio is a portal to your website and content. Keep it updated with the latest important dates, hashtags, campaigns and links (as much as you can in the space available!)

Keep it frequent, interactive and engaging

Our most recent TOTW winner, Myerscough College, is the perfect example of getting this right. Frequent updates throughout the day, regardless of whether it’s term time or the school holiday. They post useful information and news for students, about job opportunities and careers fairs, as well as interacting with trending topics in the Twittersphere. 

Top tip: They key is to keep tweeting whatever the weather. Just because the school term may have come to an end, your Twitter account shouldn’t. 

It’s not all about looks, but they help…

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes that jazzy book cover stands out from the rest. Aesthetics and quality of a Twitter page certainly make a difference and one of our favourites so far has been Carshalton College. With bright, beautiful colours, high resolutions and a focus on what should matter most – the students – it uses aesthetics to reflect their focus. 

Top tip: A consistent, stream-lined page can make a big difference and when in keeping with your college’s brand as a whole, it’s the perfect opportunity to stand out. 

Get that content on point

It’s one thing keeping your content frequent but it’s another making it worth the audience’s while. TOTW Imperial College show us how it’s done with cutting-edge content that highlights all of the hard work and research the college has been involved with. Their media page is packed with hundreds of photos and videos, boosting nearly every single one of their tweets with clear and well-designed graphics. 

Top tip: You’ve got a split second to catch someone’s eye on their news feed, so make it count. Make sure every tweet you send contains something visual, whether that’s playing with words, an interesting link or lots of lovely visuals. 

If you’re looking for further advice on how to improve your social media and digital marketing in general, take a look at our Digital Marketing Audit brochure or contact us by emailing